Don't just take our word for it, have a peek at some of the warm responses from our past clients.






Don't just take our word for it, have a peek at some of the warm responses from our past clients.


Laura's Testimonials

"Dear Laura. Thank you for being a part of our birth; your calm and peaceful approach made me feel supported and powerful, even in the face of unexpected circumstances. I truly believe that you are a large part of why the labour went as well as it did and I was able to avoid a c-section. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Elyse & Spencer


"After finding out that my husband and I are expecting twin girls this October, we opted for the home prenatal class. Laura Warren came to our home for two sessions which were tailored specifically for us and our situation. It was nice to be in the comfort of our own home, and be able to have a constant open dialogue.

Soon after finding out I would be having a twin birth, I realized that my choices around how our babies will enter the world seemed limited. Laura helped me to become more confident in my body and in my choices through the dialogue that we were able to have. She put my mind at ease, and took away the fear that I had surrounding the events of the birth. She has a very kind and supportive nature, and through gentle guidance and reassurance, as well as discussion about informed consent, I was able to see that I didn't have to completely let go of my wishes around how this birth will happen.

She was very knowledgeable, light-hearted, and likeable - My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed having her as our instructor, and would recommend her to anyone as an instructor, or as a doula. Had I not already chosen a doula before the classes, I would have loved to have asked Laura. I look forward to keeping in touch with her, as she has made it clear to us that we can ask for further guidance and to let her know how things are going. It's so wonderful to have another avenue of support during this time!"

         ~ Merete

Ashley's Testimonials

"ASHLEY IS AMAZING!!! She was absolutely wonderful through the prenatal home visits, my entire birth and postpartum visits as well as offering support by phone and text. Very warm, caring, supportive and non-judgmental. She came to my house when I was in labor and helped keep me calm and feel safe laboring at home longer. She never left my side the whole day and her support was a big part of how I was able to have a natural birth. i would highly recommend Ashley to anyone. She is made to be a doula and constantly went above and beyond In many ways big and small."



"Where can I begin?  Words alone can not do justice to the amazing energy that Ashley brought to our pregnancy and birth experiences.  She was just so extremely calm and encouraging, she made me feel like I could do anything.  And that whatever choice I made was the absolute best decision for me.  She was a really important part of our birth plan, helping to keep both of us calm and giving a really confident and experienced kind of assistance to us.  She was always ready to help in absolutely any way way we needed, often before we even asked.  Using a variety of methods for comfort and therapeutic pain remedies  was greatly appreciated and helpful.  Her professionalism is outstanding, she came equipped with numerous resources to prepare us for both the emotional and physical aspects.  She is honestly invaluable.  I could not ask for anyone more nurturing and genuine.  I could literally chat with her for days.  Her energy honestly has diffused my stress and worry on so many occasions.  I can not say enough about her amazingly kind and gentle approach, she is one in a million.  Thank you Ashley from the bottom of our hearts."



"By pure luck, we ended up hiring Ashley Brilhante as our doula and I will forever be thankful that we did. After our first appointment with our midwife my wife asked what I thought about hiring a doula. In truth, I barely knew what a doula was, and I was suspicious that this was just an extra cost that would be added without a significant impact. I could not have been more wrong. Upon our first meeting with Ashley, she explained that she was there to act as a support for both the mother and the father. She described her services as flexible, focused on meeting the unique needs that inevitably present themselves at a birth. In our meetings prior to the big day Ashley served as a wealth of knowledge, and helped us to put together a general birth plan and deepen our understanding of options we had throughout. Ashley was our advocate, and her sole concern and focus was ensuring my wife and I were cared for and understood our options.

I called Ashley shortly after my wife’s water broke and 22 hours later she witnessed the birth of my daughter and stayed to support us until we were safe and sound in the mother/babe unit of the hospital. Ashley stayed with us that entire time and didn’t once make us feel like that was a burden. She gave me small breaks during labour, ensured everyone was properly hydrated, helped with the tens machine, and provided incredible emotional support to both of us as things hit a rough patch. Her two subsequent visits with us post-birth were very helpful. Ashley gave us a little rest and even helped my wife give our daughter her first bath.

I recommend Ashley without hesitation to anyone looking for a doula. She is friendly, professional, caring, and skilled. If we have another child, there would be nobody else we could imagine being there to support us. The entire experience with Ashley was positive and we are forever grateful.

Also, Her Doula Cookies are amazing!"


Jay's Testimonials

"When I began looking at the doula website and reading profiles I knew I had to have Jay with me for the birth of my baby.
Jay and I had this unspoken connection during my delivery which made for an amazing, "natural" and fearless labour and birth.
Jay has a gift that I believe comes with character and experience. She knows exactally when to move in close, what to say and she is funny! I felt very connected to her and my midwife and the time of my birth and will forever feel a connection to both of them.

Jay has some "fierce" female energy and I just love her!"



"Both my partner and I agree that hiring a doula for the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I was petrified of the labour and my husband knew that he would have a hard time keeping me and himself calm. We felt strongly that having someone with experience to support us through it would make a huge difference and we were correct. We interviewed several doulas, but once we met Jay we both knew she was the one for us. She was affable, professional and confident so we hired her on the spot. We ended up with a prodromal labour that lasted 50 hours until my daughter was delivered vaginally, as was our hope. Besides the crucial emotional support it was very practical to have a second set of hands there to relieve my spouse for meals and rest. I cannot say enough positive things about Jay and am truly grateful we got to experience that beautiful time with her."



"My husband and I knew Jay was the perfect fit for us right from the very first meeting.  Her experience, sense of humour, and frankness are what stood out to me the most.  Being our first birth, we did not know what to expect nor what we would need from a doula other than delivery room support.  Jay was so much more than that...she knew exactly what I needed in one of the most intimate and vulnerable experiences of our lives, without me having to say a word.  You will never meet a more kindhearted individual that is more passionate about her work.  Highly recommended."


Barb's Testimonials

"Barb has been at my side for the births of all three of my children. She has been a source of knowledge and comfort. I have been fortunate enough to have three successful homebirths and Barb's experience and understanding of a woman's needs in labour really helped me through each of them. Barb was invaluable in her ability to suggest different and helpful positions, strategies for coping with pain, and providing encouragement to carry on. Especially in my first labour, but also in my third, it was immensely helpful to have Barb present as she arrived and provided support before the midwife arrived and helped provide support and coach me through the earlier stages of labour.

I strongly believe that the services of a doula help provide a woman, and her family, with the best chance to have a positive and more empowered labour, which will help set the tone for a much more successful postpartum recovery- Barb did this for me, three times, and I am ever thankful.

I was fortunate to not require interventions, but I was quite confident that Barb, myself, and my partner understood what our preferred outcome and our plan was during childbirth and in the early postpartum period. I was put at ease knowing that Barb would be an advocate for my wishes, and that I would not act out of panic or without considering my choices carefully. Barb was a source of comfort, strength and confidence.

From the perspective of my partner, he appreciated the knowledge and expertise that Barb imparted to us, and was very grateful to have a person to assist with providing support during, and perhaps more so after the birth of our children. My partner was able to relax and be present for all the moments after birth, while Barb did a fantastic job helping settle us in with our new family member.

We highly recommend Barb as a doula."



"From the first time we meet Barb we knew the match was perfect. Barb is a very easy going person, very caring and very knowledgeable. Although we hadn't initially set out to have a doula, now that we have lived the birth of our son Benjamin with one, I have to say we were very grateful to have her as part of our team.

We had the opportunity to meet with her twice before we made our way to the hospital. At each visit she provided us with great information, great handouts and suggested great resources online and around town in Victoria. She reassured us about the whole birthing process and reviewed some technics that we could use to help us out during labor. She also reminded us multiple times that she was available to answers our questions or to reassure us if we needed her support at anytime. She was very easy to reach which we appreciated.

During our time at the hospital, Barb was there to support both my husband and I. She suggested multiple different positions and helped me with breathing which was essential in keeping me going. Her support throughout the process was essential in keeping me calm and relaxed; it was evident that she truly cared. She was also there to reassure us when we ended up needing an epidural and going in for a C-section.

After the birth of Benjamin, Barb came by to visit at the hospital to assist with breastfeeding or any other concerns we had. She also came by to visit us in our home 2 weeks after the birth and even provided us with some meals. Thank you again for that :)

Overall, we could not be happier with the service Barb provided. We would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and we will without a doubt contact her when we decide to expand our family.

Thank you again for everything Barb!!! We truly appreciate your help and support throughout the entire process. Keep doing what you are doing because you are amazing at it!"

~Marjorie, Lucas & baby Benjamin


"Hiring Barb to be my doula was the best decision I could have made for my birth.  She was very caring and informative, and did her best to find out what made me feel comfortable.  This was my first birth, and it helped me feel very secure in having a home birth.

Before the birth, she clearly outlined the stages of labour and birth, as well as techniques to help deal with pain, and provided different remedies for before and after the birth.  Even though many of the techniques turned out not to be needed, it was a great comfort to know that she was prepared with a variety of techniques and tools.

During the birth, she was a wonderful calming influence, making sure I was working with the pain management techniques properly and changing positions as needed.  I feel that this was a large part of why my natural delivery went so smoothly.

After the birth, as we were at home, she was very helpful in cleaning up and even put dinner in the oven!  We definitely felt well taken care of.

I highly recommend Barb as a doula, and hope to have her attend any future births I may have, as well."


Kate’s Testimonials

“When I think about how incredibly grateful I am to have found Kate, I instantly start to feel emotional. Her gentle care, along with her fierce "you-can-do-this!" attitude helped me have a such a positive birth experience. Her attention and commitment prior to labour & delivery was personalized, thoughtful and nurturing—exactly what I needed. I never felt rushed in our meetings, as she would patiently answer all of my questions. Knowing that she would be by my side gave my husband and I so much peace of mind.

Kate’s extensive knowledge of pregnancy, labour & delivery and post-partum care made her an invaluable addition to our birth journey. My husband and I welcomed our first child, our daughter Grace, in August 2018. Motherhood is no easy transition, but I can confidently say that I am so much stronger in my role now because of the support from Kate. She is more than our doula, she is an extension of our family. Should we decide to have another baby one day, we will be working with Kate again for sure!”


“We are so thankful that Kate was our doula for the birth of our son!  He is our second child, but we knew we wanted to hire a doula again.  Kate was so kind and supportive throughout the whole experience.  She prepared us well before the birth, even lending us a book that was a big help!  She was always available to text or call with questions, and she was very kind and understanding when I was getting frustrated that I was overdue and might need to be induced.  When I did go into labour, she came over, and her, my husband and I became a team to mangage all the contractions together.  We got into a really good rhythm, and I have positive memories of labouring at home.  When we arrived at the hospital, I found out that I wasn't as dialated as I was expecting.  However, my son was born 2 hours after that, so the labour became really intense.  Kate was such a valuable support to my husband and I!  She knew what was going on with my emotions, my labour, and the medical staff, and she was there for us.  She supported us, gave us information, and knew just what to say to help us continue to labour well.  If it wasn't for her, we would have had a very different birth.  When things got more intense, the medical staff talked to each other, but no one explained to me what was happening.  Kate, however, was there for me, and she kept me informed so that I knew what was going on.  Kate stayed with us for several hours after the birth until she knew we were settled well into our room.  She stayed in touch, and her post partum support has also been very valuable.  I believe that Kate is more than our doula - she has become a friend, and if we have another child, we will definately be calling Kate again!!”


“I can not say enough good things about Kate and the support and encouragement she gave us as our doula.  Kate was with us every step of the way.  She offered us guidance in the earlier days of pregnancy, when we didn't know what to expect from our birth experience.  She was unwavering throughout my very long labour and was a rock for both me and my husband.  And further to that, she has been an invaluable support as I navigate my life as a new mom.

Kate has a calm and confident presence that goes a long way in the delivery room.  She put us both at ease from the moment we met her.

I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for a doula.  She is truly a gem.”